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SWSC was founded by Dr. Shukria Dini, a Somali-Canadian scholar who has extensively researched and written on issues contributing to the understanding of the challenges facing Somali women.
In 1991, Shukria fell victim to the civil war that ripped Somalia apart. Together with some relatives, she lived the refugee experience in Kenya and her hopes for a good education seemed effectively dashed. She was however lucky to relocate to Nairobi and later to Canada, where she was able to advance her education. With a promise to come back and help the women of Somalia, 20 years later Dini has created a platform where Somali women can tell their own stories and make their issues visible to policy makers. Today, her mission is to find solutions that will heal Somalia’s political, economic and social woes.

Somali Women Studies Centre (SWSC) is a research centre established in 2011 to address the continued absence of research on issues affecting Somali women in national publication and the associated marginalization they experience as a result. SWSC goals focus on research & Advocacy, Education & Training, Public awareness & capacity building.