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We strongly believe that research is powerful tool to amplify women’s voices and improve their lives and positions in Somalia. Undertaking research to support advocacy and educational efforts on issues affecting Somali women is in the heart of SWSC‘ mission.

Our research strategy covers three main areas:

  • Research, Advocacy and Education
  • Training and Public Awareness
  • Capacity Building

Our research goals have been summed up into nine specific areas. These include:

  • Increasing the number of publications on Somali women and girls;
  • Increasing the number of professional female researchers in most regions of Somalia;
  • Using the findings to enhance women’s social, economic and political status, and bring positive change to the lives of women and girls.
  • Increasing the capacity of women at grassroots, activist, and political levels to communicate effectively with the public about gender issues;
  • Increasing women’s leadership and representation in the political arena;
  • Establishing SWSC sub-offices in both rural and urban areas of Somalia;
  • Offering training on gender and development, human / women’s rights, peace-building and governance within a post-conflict context.
  • Translating and publishing as many international conventions into Somali language, and assisting women to lobby for the implementation of recommended changes in the relevant levels of Somali government.