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As indicated in the rationale, vision and mission, the overarching intent of the SWSC is to increase the amount of research done and made available on, and for Somali women and their status in Somali society. The understanding is that this will serve as a catalyst to building capacity among Somali women, raising awareness of issues faced (gender inequity, violence, poverty and marginalization), and aiding in advocacy and education efforts with the end result being a vast improvement in the status and quality of life experienced by girls and women in Somali society. Specific goals are to:

  1. Increase the number of publications (books, research papers) on Somali women and girls;
  2. Increase the number of professional female researchers in most regions of Somalia;
  3. Utilize the content and findings within the research to enhance women’s status (social, economic and political) and bring positive changes to the lives of women and girls.
  4. Increase the capacity of women at grassroots, activist, and political levels to communicate effectively with the public about gender issues;
  5. Increase women’s leadership and representation in the political arena;
  6. Have a number of SWSC sub-offices in both rural and urban areas of Somalia;
  7. Offer courses on gender and development, human / women’s rights, peace-building and governance within a post-conflict context.
  8. Translate and publish most of the international conventions into Somali language, raise awareness among women in the grassroots, activist and political arenas and assist them in lobbying for the implementation of recommended changes in the relevant levels of Somali government.
  9. Convert this research centre into a women’s university in Somalia which will offer women’s studies degrees to young men and women.