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SWSC wants to bolster the capacity of women to influence policy makers and policy making processes in Somalia by:

  • Increasing research and publications by women and for both women and society as a whole.
  • Carrying out research on the impact on Somali women related to protracted militarized violence, forced displacement, drought, and the return home after many years of exile.
  • Researching the effects of the lawlessness in war-torn and post-conflict Somalia on women and girls;
  • Conducting high level investigations pertaining to gender-based violence and human rights violations, propose recommendations that will address the root causes of such violations, and submission to appropriate transitional federal institutions (i.e. parliament and security);
  • Documenting the specific contributions of women in building peace.
  • Documenting and provide insight on challenges (economic, social, political) facing women in war-torn Somalia;
  • Documenting women’s forms of oral cultural expression such as Buraanburs (female poetry);
  • Documenting the stories of some key female legends.